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Who are We? 
Message from the Founder and Chairman of the Board
There is a responsibility to protect and build on the assets with which we have been entrusted, both those we have received and those we have earned. There is a duty to manage our holdings effectively, not only for the sake of the present, but also in order to safeguard the future for the generations to come. 
In a financial environment that often lacks transparency, MultiPlus gives clients the means to be good stewards of their assets. Each family, foundation or congregation with whom we work presents a situation which must be handled with care, discretion and respect for the uniqueness of each circumstance. Our relationships with those we serve are totally based on trust.
Archduke Christian, Multiplus
Christian de Habsbourg-Lorraine,
Archduke of Austria
Thanks to an efficient consolidation and reporting system, we help our clients to manage and control their financial portfolios. We offer rigorous monitoring, in-depth analysis and advice to help clients get the information they need to make informed strategic decisions. Attentive to the concerns of our clients, we support them in their relationships with financial managers and in the realization of their financial goals.


Both in their present situations and in their plans for the future, we help clients implement and maintain a strategy that best fits their short and long-term goals.

  • Founded in 1990 in Geneva, Switzerland by Archduke Christian of Austria.
  • Owned and directed 100% by its shareholders, acting with the utmost discretion
  • Totally independent, objective and free from conflicts of interest, MultiPlus does not engage in active asset management

  • Offering a proven methodology and extensive international experience in the financial sector 
The Firm
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